Port Olímpic now under municipal management

Work on the sea wall starts in July, with the new access to the area and the repair of the sailing school sea wall to follow in 2021.

Port Olímpic

Work will start on the sea wall in July to solve the issue of waves coming over the top and improve safety.

The work includes strengthening the 520-metre section of the wall above the surface, as well as the four submerged sections, to guarantee stability.

The project will be put out to tender shortly and executed over an 18-month period starting in the summer. The budget is 10.66 million euros.

More work in 2021

The sailing school sea wall will be extended and reinforced with a layer of concrete blocks in the second quarter of 2021.

At the end of next year work will also start on a new road connection between Av. Litoral and the lower part of the Mestral wharf. This will take ten months.

A seaward-facing port for local people

This new chapter for the Port Olímpic aims to transform an area so far devoted to nightlife into a public space of 48,000 square metres, putting the sea at the centre of community life, as well as economic, sports and dissemination activity.

To make this possible, once the current licences for pubs and discos there expire in April, new licences for nautical uses will be processed.

Various actions will also create new spaces for people to stroll and relax in, improve the integration of the port into the local neighbourhood and cut surface parking spaces.

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