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The bases of the public competition process for the allocation of locals of the new white economy pole of Port Olímpic have been published.

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Bases pol economia blava

Port Olímpic, the city's first blue economy hub


A lively, dynamic environment with activity 365 days a year. With a privileged central position on the Barcelona coast as a whole, Port Olímpic is preparing to become the epicenter of the blue sectors.

Discover the new blue economy pole
Nou pol d'economia blava al Port Olímpic
Nàutica al Port Olímpic

Discover the new blue economy pole

The blue economy encompasses the set of activities linked to aquatic areas that make economic and social development compatible with the conservation of marine ecosystems.

The Barcelona Green Deal, Barcelona's economic agenda with horizon 2030, identifies the potential of this sector as a lever for economic sustainability and job creation through innovation and technological transfer.

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Let's transform the Port Olímpic


After 30 years of history, the Port Olímpic embarks on a new course to become a space committed to the public in which, under sustainability criteria, boating coexists with the generation of economic activity linked to the sea.

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