The Port Olímpic introduces new improvements in nautical safety

Since the beginning of March, dredging has been carried out at the inlet of the Port, which plans to remove 3,000 m3 of sand to improve access for boats.

The sand will be deposited on the beach of Barceloneta, contributing to the sustainable regeneration of the coast

The reform of the anchoring train and the reorganization of the moorings have also been completed, increasing the safety and comfort of the users.


The transformation of the Olympic Port and the improvement of the facilities continue to advance. Dredging work on the inlet has begun this March, a maintenance operation that will increase the safety of navigation and access to the Port by sea.

This is the first time that this work has been carried out since Barcelona de Serveis Municipals took over the management of the Olympic Port. The task is to remove the sand from the seabed to gain depth and ensure the necessary draft for the passage of boats. Dredging work is carried out at all times, maintaining a suitable entrance and exit channel to the Port, without affecting its users.

The dredging costs € 85,228.35. The work will be completed at the end of the month, depending on the weather conditions recorded.

The accumulation of sand is a natural phenomenon that occurs periodically due to various phenomena, such as the passage of boats or waves. The works are expected to remove approximately 3,000 m3 of sand, which, after a drying process, will be deposited on Barceloneta beach. In this way, it will contribute to the care of Barcelona’s coastline and to the sustainable regeneration of the city’s beaches.

Draga Port Olímpic sorra platja

A bomb, on the left of the image, expels to the beach the sand accumulated at the bottom of the sea.



Dredging is not the only action being taken by the Olympic Port to contribute to the revitalization of nautical activity, which is one of the strategic axes of the transformation project. The mooring train improvement works were completed at the end of February. This implies an increase in the safety of boats and the comfort of users. These are elements that wear out over time due to inclement weather, water salinity and the weight of boats. The guide system has also been changed, with a double one installed, which makes it easier to place the pattern and prevents it from sticking between the guides themselves.

These adaptation works, which have had a budget of € 444,000, have made it possible to reorganize the moorings, to adapt their width and ensure the current needs of the hoses of the ships. Thus, the fleet has been reorganized in the docks of Marina, Mestral and Gregal and of the marshes, ordering the boats by type and according to the needs of the users. As a result, the space for each boat has increased.



The sand will then be deposited on Barceloneta beach, contributing to its sustainable regeneration.