Environmental management in Port Olímpic




The Port Olímpic is evolving in terms of environmental management to become an innovative port and aligned with the SDG 2030 sustainable development goals.

If you want to receive additional information on the environmental management of the Olympic Port, you can request it via email portolimpic@bsmsa.cat.


A port committed to sustainability and marine ecosystems

Sustainability is the cross-cutting principle that directs the various areas of transformation of the Port Olímpic, which aspires to be a benchmark in environmental management.

One of the most exemplary projects is the one that has used the reinforcement of the Breakwater to create a bio-regeneration reef.

The project, which is being carried out in several stages in collaboration with Barcelona Zoo, is a pioneering initiative: for the first time, a maritime feat of engineering will enable the surrounding sea floors to be reclaimed.

The aim is to foster increased biological diversity in the area, boost the most productive natural systems, improve the quality of water and raise awareness among city residents of the need to preserve marine ecosystems.

Esculls de bioregeneració

Work is also being carried out to reduce the ecological footprint of the Port Olímpic's daily activity, via measures such as waste and grey water management.