Frequently asked questions


The opening hours of the Olympic Port are:

  • Winter (October - April): 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
  • Summer (May - September): 6:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

While the facilities remain closed, only accredited persons and / or vehicles will be allowed access through the Marina Street ramp.

The clientele of the restaurants of the Olympic Port will also be able to access it by this route up to 30 minutes before the closing of the restaurants.

The Harbour Master building houses the administrative management of the Port Olímpic and the Customer Service and Marine Services. This is where he manages the administrative and customer service of the port services.

It is located at the end of the Xaloc Dock and you can check its office hours here.

After 30 years of history, the Port Olímpic has begun a great change based on four pillars that will mark its recovery for the citizens: a living city space for everyone, the nautical, the blue economy and the gastronomy.

Get to know all the actions of the Port Olímpic transformation project.


The Olympic Port has an offer of 700 long-term and daily rental moorings for boats between 7 and 30 meters in length, subject to availability.

The contracts are aimed at individuals (maximum duration of 5 years) and professionals (maximum 3 years).

Check availability and book a mooring for days or long duration through the contact form.

You can contact the Harbour Master and check availability in person.

Consult Harbour Master timetables.

Check mooring rental rates here.

Rates include:

  • Mooring.
  • Basic supply service (electricity, water).
  • Wi-Fi.
  • Access to toilets and changing rooms.
  • Collection of dirty water and bilges.
  • 24 hour shipping service.
  • Port maintenance rate.

In the case of boats with a length of more than 20 meters, a free parking pass is also included, subject to availability.


The maximum consumption of supplies included in the rate varies depending on the length of the boat:

- Up to 10 meters: 35 kW / h and 1 m3

- From 10 to 14 meters: 70 kW / h and 2 m3

- From 14 to 18 meters: 90 kW / h and 2.5 m3

- More than 18 meters: 120 kW / h and 3 m3

For additional consumption, a price of € 0.22 per kW / h and € 4.00 per m3 will be applied to the base rate.

No, it is not possible to unsubscribe them. Supplies are part of the service fee associated with the mooring and cannot be deducted from the total amount.

Whether you want to rent a mooring for days or a long-term mooring, you need the following documentation:

  • Boat registration
  • Current insurance policy
  • Certificate of airworthiness (only Spanish flag boats).
  • Official certificate stamped by a collaborating inspection body that the boat has the safety elements included in this check list (only boats with non-Spanish flags).

In the case of a professional vessel, the following must also be submitted:

  • Passenger insurance policy
  • Charter office
  • Certificate of charges with the Treasury, Generalitat de Catalunya and Barcelona City Council
  • Company deeds or freelance documentation.

No contract will be signed without all the current documentation.

For rentals of more than two months, a monthly deposit will be requested.

Payments for a long-term mooring will be made by direct debit.

As for the rental per day and for the other services of the Port Olímpic, payment can be made by card or cash (maximum € 1,000).

Yes, it is possible to change the duration of the contract as long as it is notified at least 2 months in advance via the contact form.

To cancel a mooring, you must notify through the contact form or in the Harbour Master at least 2 months in advance.

The use of the Authorized Boat for residential, residential, hotel or other types of uses and tourist activities is prohibited, unless expressly authorized by the Port Authority.

To facilitate access to the docks of a person who is not the owner of a boat in the Port Olímpic, the owner must send an express authorization with the number of the identity document of both persons through the form of contact.

The mooring is not likely to be used by boats of a larger size or intended for uses other than those indicated, and therefore the use of the Authorized Boat for residential, residential, hotel or other uses is prohibited. of tourist uses and activities, except for express authorization granted by the Port Authority.

In no case may the Authorized Boat have a length and sleeve, including fenders, above the mooring, nor may it invade part of the navigation channels without the authorization of the Port Olímpic Authority (PO). In any case, the excess is subject to prior authorization and the payment of the corresponding amount for over-employment approved by the Assignor.

The transfer of use will not give the right to enter, use or moor in docks and moorings other than the assigned one, without the prior authorization of the PO Management.

The use of the other facilities and services of the PO will require the prior authorization of the PO Management and the payment of the corresponding fee or price.

Vessels that have paid the monthly mooring in advance and have to leave the PO for repairs or other reasons, on their return to the Navy, although they will have a preferential right of use, will not be able to guarantee the availability of the same mooring. However, there will always be a mooring available for the Authorized Boat, with similar characteristics.

In the event of the transferee's temporary absence, the Assignee may make the mooring available to the Assignor for use by third parties. The Assignee will be entitled to receive a percentage of the corresponding fee that the Assignor receives during the period of absence. This percentage will be specified in the approved rate document that is applicable at the time this assumption occurs. The rate will be charged for full monthly periods regardless of the number of days used by third parties. The provision of the mooring for use by third parties will be formalized between the Assignor and the Assignee electronically. The corresponding forms can be consulted on the captain's website.

For security reasons, access to the moorings, as well as certain facilities, will be through an identification system. These data will be collected through the appropriate technical mechanisms in the Harbour Master of the PO.

Zona usuari

La zona usuari permet la consulta i modificació de dades personals, embarcacions, factures i pagaments dels serveis contractats al Port Olímpic.

Les dades es modifiquen en el sistema de manera diària, a les 00:00 hores.

Per accedir a la zona usuari és indispensable haver activat el compte prèviament.

Per activar el compte haureu d’introduir el document d’identitat i el número de client, que haureu de demanar a les oficines de Port Olímpic de manera presencial, al telèfon 93 356 10 16 o a través del formulari de contacte.

Si heu oblidat la contrasenya, feu clic a “Restablir contrasenya” i torneu a activar el compte.

Documents and formalities

No. No contract will be signed without a current valid certificate.

In accordance with the terms established by the relevant authorities during Stage 0 and Stage 1, visits are allowed to vessels to carry out safety checks and maintenance individually by owners or other authorised people, providing they live in the same municipality.

No, the port cannot send any sort of documents relating to contracts prior to the current one.

Yes, the documents are available in Catalan and Spanish and will soon be available in other languages.

In this case, you can send us the documents as soon as you can or authorise somebody else to access your vessel.

Full information on pricing and the application form are available on the website For other enquiries, please use the contact form on the website to get in touch.

You should contact the previous port management, POBASA, through their customer service channels.


Yes, you can contract a parking space for each mooring or premises you contract with us, under availability.

Contact the Captaincy at the Port Olímpic (by phone, on 93 356 10 16, or by email, to and we will tell you what to do.

You can find the pricing on our website

No, you cannot contract a parking space if you have not got a mooring or store room contracted with us, but you can contract one at the car parks BSM Marina Port (located behind Moll de Marina) and BSM Litoral Port (located behind Moll de Mestral). Contact the sales department at BSM by phone, on 93 409 18 22, or by email, to, and we will tell you what to do.

Workers at premises at the Port Olímpic (restaurants, offices etc.) can contract parking spaces with the car parks BSM Litoral Port and BSM Marina Port at special prices. Contact the sales department at BSM by phone, on 93 409 18 22, or by email, to, and we will tell you what to do.

BSM will make discounted parking-time vouchers available to those with moorings and premises, with a 50% discount off the per-minute rate, which can be extended to customers and providers. These will be sold at the Port Captaincy Building (by phone, on 93 356 10 16, and by e-mail, to

Yes, those with moorings or premises can contract a motorcycle parking space. The per-minute parking rate for motorcycles will also be discounted.

These vehicles can access the Port Olímpic free of charge to carry out their deliveries, in accordance with the times established for this service.

Join our team

To find out more about working with us, go to the BSM website ( and use the contact form, or click on the following link


L'escar del Port Olímpic de Barcelona és un taller nàutic en el qual podràs treballar en la teva embarcació al teu aire, amb el teu proveïdor habitual o bé amb alguna de les empreses de manteniment i reparació d'embarcacions que trobaràs a les nostres instal·lacions.


  • Esplanada tècnica de 3.000m2.

  • Grua ploma i travelift de 45 TM per a embarcacions de fins a 20 metres d'eslora.

  • Màquina d'aigua a pressió Karcher.

  • Carro de motor autopropulsat per a moure embarcacions.

  • Punt de recollida selectiva i materials perillosos.

  • I molts altres serveis que trobaràs a les instal·lacions de Port Olímpic.

Pots consultar disponibilitat i reservar cita per a l'escar a través del telèfon 93 356 10 16 o del formulari de contacte.

Només hi pot treballar la persona propietària de l'embarcació o professionals que estiguin adscrits a la Plataforma de Coordinació d'Activitats Empresarials de l'ACPET.