Port Olímpic will host the start of the XIX Ophiusa Regatta

This is the first time that Barcelona has become the starting point for this event, which will take place from 14 to 16 April and will end in Formentera.

The Olympic Port continues to improve its facilities to become a new point of reference for nautical practice in the city.

Barcelona will be, for the first time, the starting point of the Ophiusa Regatta, which connects the Catalan coast with the island of Formentera. The Olympic Port will host the start of this meeting, which will take place between April 14 and 16, and which this year reaches its nineteenth edition.

23 boats took part in this competition last year, which until now sailed from the Port of Sitges. The recent improvement of the facilities at the Olympic Port and the width of the mouth, 4 meters wide, will make it easier for many of the boats to concentrate inside the Port, among other security measures provided.

Regata Ophiusa Port Olímpic Barcelona a Formentera



The Olympic Port is working to contribute to the revitalization of nautical activity in the city, which is one of the strategic axes of the transformation project. To achieve these goals, one of the areas of action of B: SM is the improvement of port facilities. In this sense, the improvement works of the anchoring train were completed at the end of February. This implies an increase in the safety of boats and the comfort of users. The guide system has also been changed, with a double one installed, which makes it easier to place the pattern and prevents it from sticking between the guides themselves.

These adaptation works, which have had a budget of € 444,000, have made it possible to reorganize the moorings, to adapt their width and ensure the current needs of the hoses of the ships. Thus, the fleet has been reorganized in the docks of Marina, Mestral and Gregal and of the docks, ordering the boats by type and according to the needs of the users. As a result, the space for each boat has increased.

Regata Port Olímpic Barcelona



Since March 2020, Barcelona de Serveis Municipals (B: SM) has been managing the Olympic Port on behalf of Barcelona City Council with the aim of directing the transformation of the facility. In this new stage, the Olympic Port wants to be a public space in which, under criteria of sustainability and public management, sailing coexists with the generation of economic activity, mainly linked to the sea and the blue economy.

The collaboration with the organization of the XIX Ophiusa Regatta is related to the desire to strengthen the connection of the Olympic Port with sport and nautical activity.

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