The transformation of Port Olímpic advances with the functional improvement of the Shelter Dike

The Port Olímpic of Barcelona is immersed in a transformation process with the aim of becoming a reference space for the city dedicated to the promotion of the sea, nautical sports, the blue economy and restaurants.

The improvement of the Shelter Dike is a crucial action to guarantee the proper functionality of the Olympic Port and its comprehensive security. These improvement actions began a few months ago in two areas: land works and marine works.

Regarding the land part, a new barrier to protect the port from the waves is currently being built that will reduce the phenomenon of overshooting during storms and will increase the security of the Port Olímpic.

Construcció del nou bota ones al Dic de Recer

Regarding the maritime part, it had been observed that the eastern storms of recent years had also caused a deterioration in the four submerged docks, so that they will be reinforced with a new dike lined with 2,000 concrete blocks of 25 tons each. In recent weeks, the adaptation works have been carried out and today the placement of these large blocks of naturalized concrete has begun.

Mapa de les actuacions als dics submergits del Port Olímpic

In addition, the Port Olímpic and the Barcelona Zoo have started a project to re-naturalize the coastline, which contemplates the greening of the submerged dikes of the port to favor the marine biome and improve the environmental integration of the Shelter Dike. This specific project aims to promote the increase of the biological diversity of the area, the enhancement of more productive natural systems and the awareness of citizens in the conservation of the marine environment, reflected in the Parc dels Esculls on the eastern coast of Barcelona.

This part of the shelter dam rehabilitation project, which has a budget of 10.6 million euros, is expected to last eight months, taking into account possible meteorological effects and the state of the sea.

Esculls artificials del Parc dels Esculls de Barcelona

The stone blocks, built in the Vallcarca quarry, will be transferred by sea to the Port Olímpic of Barcelona from the Garraf, and will be placed on the submerged dikes by means of a platform that has already been installed in the Port Olímpic. The placement began with the submerged dike located on the Nova Icària beach side and will end with the dike located at the end of the Somorrostro beach.

Pontona col·loca els blocs de formigó als dics submergits